Worship Band

Guitar Strumming

The mission of the worship team is to continually serve and love Christ first, and secondly to lead the church in genuine and passionate worship.  We strive to produce contemporary and traditional blended music with excellence that glorifies God and builds His Church.  Our praise and worship team ideally consists of bass, drums, piano/keyboard, 1 or 2 electric guitars, acoustic guitar, and 1-4 vocalists (alto, soprano, tenor, bass).


A worship band member should be in the Word and pray for RLC, as well as actively worship with the congregation on weeks when not serving on stage.


Participants will be expected to attend scheduled rehearsals, practice on their own, and come to church prepared at 7:30 am on Sunday morning.


If interested and willing to commit to the service requirements, complete a contact/application form and meet with the Worship leader to help determine the best place for your service.  Contact Dan Diedrich (dddiedrich@verizon.net)