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Family Promise is a community-based approach to solving homelessness, engaging both the local community as well as faith-based organizations, to effectively remedy family homelessness.  Families in the program receive a full complement of resources, support, and training as they work towards their own stability and self-reliance.

Family Promise at RLC

RLC is a host church for this non-profit, that cares for local homeless families with minor aged children in our neighborhoods. There are over 3,000 homeless children who have been reported in our local public schools alone. Once a quarter (during non-covid times) we provide meals and beds for up to 4 families for one week, from around 5pm till 6am the next morning.  If you would like to become a volunteer and help with either, food prep or serving meals, playing games, helping with homework or staying overnight with families please contact Debra at  There is a mandatory two-hour training for all volunteers.

If you would like to donate items or money please contact

Family homelessness knows no season

Children experiencing homelessness and their families need your help now.




Due to Covid-19 there will be no rotation of churches for spring 2021, however each host church is obligated to provide $400 in gift cards and/or gas cards for the families during their host week. 

RLC/St. Lawrence host weeks for 2021 are:

February 7-13

April 11-17

August 22-28

November 14-20

First Christian Church of Torrance (FCC) has graciously opened up their church to our families for the time being. With this being said, our families will be staying at FCC until the end covid.  For right now, we continue to present the opportunity for volunteers to support and love on our families by donating online or sending in grocery and gas gift cards and sending an email to me with the following information: Checks can also be written to RLC with Family Promise in the memo line. 


The families always enjoy receiving personal cards/love notes from us during our Host Week, plus homemade cookies/baked goods. They also can use Size 6 diapers and juice boxes and both sweet and savory snack packs for the children.


1. First and Last Name

2. Congregation Name

3. Amount Donated/Gift Card Donated


This information is so I can keep track of which host week the donation is for and who is donating, so we can thank them :)

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