Thanksgiving Dinner

A Wednesday Watch Message

from Pastor Ken

How can we thank God in a way that increases our joy in God? Here are five clues:

First, ask for the Spirit’s help. The goal of thanksgiving is seeing and feeling the glory of God’s mercy, and we can’t do that without the Spirit’s work. So, ask.

Second, ponder the value of God’s gifts. Consider the value of each gift. Think about health, friends, the food in front of you. Think especially about the Savior, whose death paid for your sins and purchased fullness of joy in him forever.

Third, think about the mercy of God’s gifts. Not only do we not deserve these gifts, but because of our sin, all we deserve is God’s judgment. Ask God to help you see that, so you feel more wonder at the grace and mercy displayed in this blood-bought gift.

Fourth, do this until you see and feel more of God’s glorious mercy. Keep praying for the Spirit’s Jesus-revealing work, and keep thinking about the worth and mercy of God’s gifts, until you sense more of God’s glorious mercy in Christ.

Fifth, express your thanksgiving and joyful praise to God. Thank him for his gifts, expressing the worth of each gift and the mercy of each gift. And rejoice in how each gift displays the glory of God’s grace to you in Christ.

We all need help seeing God’s glorious mercy. And gratitude, like glasses, can help. So, for the sake of your joy in God, put on the glasses of gratitude. And see.  Happy Thanksgiving, +Pastor Ken