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A Wednesday Watch Message

from Pastor Ken

Got Needs?

“Needs for personal affirmation. The approval of people. Need for constant social connection. Need of fear of missing out. Need of distraction from life. Need for constant entertainment. Need of knowledge to build me up. It seems like my list of needs is endless.”  


Sound familiar?  That’s about using a phone.  “Each time I mindlessly scroll through my social-media feed, or check to see if my friends have texted me back, it all just proves again how much I continue to lack. I can never get enough of something.”


So what is that something? Many try to feed this cavernous need inside us. And the result is that it’s making us more lonely, more depressed, and more anxious. Many live in an age of increasing anxiety. Rising rates of depression are common now among teen boys, and especially teen girls. Not entirely but largely to blame for it are the communications technologies that feed a 24/7 comparison culture they cannot escape. Teens are always within moments of sharing something digitally, standing ever ready to act and capture and spread. 


Some adults feel these same tensions, lured to our phones by these same false promises. 


The Holy Spirit speaks to us via scripture:  “And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”-Phil 4.19


In reality, this war is unseen and cosmic. It’s invisible, and it’s everywhere. It’s like a pandemic, in a way. Invisible and disrupting everything in our world. Well, this type of warfare is the context of our entire Christian life as “a profound spiritual warfare of cosmic proportions” . The war includes all of our social-media platforms and what we read and say and post.  Let us be faith filled in all of our communications.  +Pastor Ken