Give through:

  • Paypal

  • Debit card

  • Credit card

Give through your online bank account:

  • Click pay bills ("bill pay") 

  • Add payee

  • Search church name/add account 

  • Enter church name, address, phone

  • Can choose one time payment or set up weekly/monthly payments
Smart Phone Outline

Try GivePlus+ :

Mobile giving that fits your needs.

The easiest way for members and friends to give, how  and when they want!

Use a smartphone? 

Vanco, who partnered with Thrivent for Simplygiving, now offers a mobile app and text giving. 

Text giving - just type in 833-269-7168 (toll-free)

and your dollar amount, and you're done!

How to begin to download Giving Plus on your mobile device?

  • Download the Give+ application on you mobile device.

  • Open applications, type in zip code 90277

  • Click on Lutheran Church of the Resurrection

  • Click create an account

  • Click on + symbol to give 

  • Select what type of giving

  • Select amount

  • Select how often- one time, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

  • Select when to give-today, or by date

  • Hit enter to complete

  • You will get an instant confirmation of your giving.

  • It takes two days for the confirmation & deposit to get to RLC.


 You can make your pledged tithing via mail or through simply giving! If you have questions on how to make it happen, email

Print or scan Simply Giving form and return via mail to the church office, or


Thank you for your support!

Heart & Hands

Thank you for your financial support to Resurrection Lutheran Church! Generosity is a kingdom value that shows one’s gratitude and commitment to Jesus Christ. It is our prayer to welcome every person to become a faithful steward of God’s resources.Your generosity creates opportunity, gives us options, changes lives and makes a difference. There is something special that comes from giving and serving others. Resurrection Lutheran Church is a great home that was began by great faith. 


His promise to us is that He will bless and multiply everything that we set our hands to do because we have made Him FIRST in our lives (Malachi 3:8-12).