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Our Sister Church, First Lutheran

First Lutheran Church in Inglewood has been our sister church since 2006. The church is in a low
income neighborhood where many people suffer from homelessness and hunger. For nearly 30
years, First Lutheran has distributed food to needy members of the community. Over the last 2-
3 years, the need has dramatically increased. First Lutheran obtains food from the Los Angeles
Food Bank in downtown Los Angeles and from local Ralphs and Target stores. It has been
distributed primarily on Thursday mornings to more than 150 people, but lately, food is
distributed four days a week to families numbering 600 individuals on a weekly basis.
First Lutheran primarily serves local residents along with unhoused and nearby workers in the
Inglewood area. Recently, their labor costs have increased to the point that expenses easily
surpass overall income.


Resurrection Lutheran Church provides benevolence funding to First
Lutheran monthly, but additional funding is needed. You can donate directly to First Lutheran’s
food distribution program by pressing the donate button on this page.
RLC feels very blessed to be in partnership with this beacon of hope in Inglewood.

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-In the act of giving, we rediscover the joy of serving others with love and empathy.

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