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The RLC/RHLS/RHLP Helpline is available to the congregation, students, staff and community to confidentially send information pertaining to safety, security and personnel issues RLC/RHLS/RHLP.

Messages to the Helpline will be submitted to the RLC/RHLS/RHLP Advisory Committee, comprised of leaders from both the Church and Schools. The Helpline is the most efficient manner of reporting Church and School concerns.

Voicemails, text messages and picture text messages can be sent to the Helpline. Messages sent by text will allow the Advisory Committee to respond for more information.

ALL information shared on the Helpline is CONFIDENTIAL. “See something, say something” is part of the culture that we are trying to encourage at RLC/RHLS/RHLP.

We strongly feel that it is everyone’s responsibility to play a part in keeping our campus safe, secure and running smoothly. We hope that every congregation member, student, staff parent and community member will help.

Contact Us by Leaving a Voicemail or Text Message at (424) 265-6226

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